A Horrible, Horrible "Art Form"

RE Art Car, I was surprised there was an accepted term for this sort of, um, item.


I like how the article points out that "most car artists are ordinary people with no artistic training." If you'll allow the colloquialism: Duh.

Does every American town have a "Jesus car"? You know what I mean. Every town I've been in has had one.

Hey, if a carnival person decorated his car, would he be an "Art Carney"?


As the former owner of an art car, shame on you.

And yes, every town does have a Jesus car, though for some reason here in California they tend to be Jesus vans, and American-made.

It's folk art, the last refuge for those of us without artistic pretensions.
You don't need to have talent to have artistic pretensions. That's why I'm a rock musician.
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