My First Phony Band Name

There is an effect called "semantic sanitation" whereby you say or hear a word repeatedly and it generally loses its meaning, becoming instead a complex and peculiar mouth noise that just seems silly as your brain fails to interpret it.

This happened to me today at work with the phrase "headers and footers".

As a thought experiment, repeat the phrase "headers and footers" to yourself until the meaning is lost and you start to giggle anytime you hear it. Now try it with any of the other band names on this list. They are all prime candidates for semantic sanitation.

in fact, a lot of the reason this list exists is to put words and phrases that are sort of catchy, but not too catchy. A kind of semantic sanitation twilight zone, if you'll allow the mixed metaphor.

Here are your phony band names for today:

"Lysine Contingency" was one of my fist phony band names*. That would put its origin back around 1992. Back when I was...uh..only 13 years old! Yeah, that's it.

Did I ever tell you this one time three years ago when I broke my arm? I was informed--improperly--that my keys were in a throttling wood chipper. From now on, all my locks shall be keyless.

* and of course when I wrote "fist phony band names", I of course meant "FIRST phony band names". Please excuse my fisting.

"Throttling wood chpper" -- as if they weren't scary enough.
And yet "Chipper" is such a cheerful word. My folks had a very nice small cat named Chipper when I was younger.
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