Alley Oop and the Alec Baldwin practical joke ratio

I called my buddy and played the Alec Baldwin message onto his answering machine. Then I felt like a jerk, because if you don't get the context, it just sounds like an insane Will Arnett-voiced guy leaving a threatening message.

This is my problem with most practical jokes. They are ten times more mean than funny. I want that funny ratio up around 90% funny /10% mean before I'll even go there. I'm not a mean guy.

Except that I'm a a mean motor scooter ... and a bad go-getter.

"Twee Spectacle" is my early nominee for the prestigious Band name of the Month honors. The gala Band name of the Month award ceremony will be held this month at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

That is unless Dorothy Chandler gets wind of it. She would probably chase us away. We'd have to sneak into somebody else's pavilion.

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