Divine Fiat found on road, dead.

We've had the baby boom generation, the Pepsi Generation and Generation X (which was actually the first X-Men movie. look it up). I recommend naming the new generation "the Spontaneous Generation". Mostly because it's funny. I'll work out the rationale later. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

You guys like how I got divine fiat and abiogenesis on the same list? Speaking of, it's been three years and I'm just now getting around to naming a band "Divine Fiat"? Amazing!

If nothing else, it proves that the band name list will never end. Even though the list primarily existed between NOV 06 -- FEB 07 to irritate my friend M______ (name withheld on request. "Leave me out of it," she said). It's not her kind of humor. Which I think is hilarious. I am the guy who laughs hardest when someone says "I don't think that's very funny!" Odds are, so are you. He who laughs last is a referential post-modern absurdest hipster.

On another note, ask me what's playing in my CD player. Go ahead. Ask me.

If only radio djs could pronounce Abiogenesis, (s)he and the Spontaneous Generation would be a hit.

Then, howzbout:


as a band name? Or:


I always liked being part of the Me Generation, so please purty plese put them back in the list. And the new generation? Definitely Generation XL.

Divine Fiat is a winner! That will be my band today.
I'm trading in my Divine Fiat for a Karmann Ghia.
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