Headline News: Only 7 Band Names Remaining

Newspaper parody website The Onion reports that only seven band names are left:

"According to data released Monday by the International Registry of Rock Band Names, only seven of the estimated 518 million potential names for musical acts remain available.

"Following the selection of 'The Stripped Amygdaloids,' 'A Purple Spray Of Cloth Violets,' and 'Guestowel' this past weekend, it is essential that new bands pick a name as soon as possible," read a statement on the organization's website. "Bands that wish to form after all names have been taken will be have to wait until a name becomes available, which could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 years."

Read the story at The Onion's Website.

Don't worry folks. As this blog enters its third year I've got plenty of band names left in me. Quality band names.

The kind of band names you want to pour milk over and make a part of your complete breakfast. That's my commitment to you, the band name consumer.

Now, with that out of the way, here are your band names for today:

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