Another classic 5-band name list

In retrospect I probably should have named the blog "My Band Names (plural) for Today".

The idea originally was that I'd have a band name for breakfast, another for lunch, and then a healthy milkshake.

No, really, before I started this list, I used to have band name time-blocks, where my friends would ask me if I'd changed my band name yet. The name changes got to be so frequent that I'd cycle through from three to five band names per day.

My girlfriend convinced me to start this blog so as not to burden her with them.

At any rate, the 5 band name list just sorta evolved as natural nomenclature pacing. If you look back at the old lists, some days would only have a couple of names, and some days would have twenty.

It's not like I have all sorts of time on my hands. I'm dang busy. I'm just full of band names. And I'm probably not that unusual.

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