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"Odium Theologicum" is a neat word for the special hatred theologians feel for one another. It was true thousands of years ago, and it's true today. I especially like to get dogmatic Calvinists and Arminians at each other's throats. Ultimately it doesn't matter, because the Mormons will baptize them both after they're dead anyway.

We're kinda on a religious theme today aren't we? Yes, "Death Cookie" is from the Chick Tract. --Come to think of it, "Chick Tract" would be a good band name. But then I couldn't realistically expect Catholics to turn out to see the band. And the Latino crowd is the party crowd. You need them at a concert for critical mass.

So lets see, I've offended the religious and the ethnic. Maybe tomorrow I should do politics.

P.S. "24-Hour Kill Truck" is my Band Name Of The Month nominee.

dont worry they will baptize you too.they know where you are
Take it easy on the Mormons. Frankly, they can do whatever they want to me after I'm dead and hanging out with Xenu and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
No, you will be with Brigham and Joseph.
Albert Perry Brigham and Joseph Stalin? They were horrible people!
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