Tropes and Schemes: The Titillation Teens

Seems like we've had "Starfish Prime" before. It was just such a fascinating endeavor (if that's an appropriate term) that it would make a great concept band.

"Obligatory Titillation Teens" are stock characters in horror films. It's their job to go skinny dipping early in the film so the monster can get them. Essentially, they are the second plot point in act one after the origin of the conflict is hinted.

Or they can be the first casualties of a cold start (Dante's Peak, Piranha), and therefore the first plot point. They serve a dual purpose as conflict fodder *AND* exploitation material.

Geez, I should write a screenwriting book called "Meta-Tropes. How Not To Write A Screenplay."

Postum Scriptum: Google up "Sleeper Curve". I think you'll be interested.

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