Sh! The Octopus

reminds me of a joke from 3rd grade...

"Chubby Rain" is up there for my friend Kyle. Gotcha Suckka!

Some of you may doubt the existence of something as unlikely as "Sh! The Octopus". I assure you it is quite real. The Internet told me so.

"Drunk For Hire" auteur and frequent collaborator Paxton Hare has started posting his quite excellent photography in a daily blog. Check it out at http://www.paxtonhare.com/ and subscribe to his RSS feed. I plan on making it a permalink.

While you are there, be sure and read the info/comments link at the bottom of each image, and check out the other photos in the Archive. It is a heap of horizontal scrolling goodness.

And remember: To cure dropsy, write the word "Abracadabra" as a diminishing
on parchment paper. Wear the parchment around your neck for
nine days. Finally, throw the paper backwards over your shoulder into a
stream that flows eastwards.

You won't find that Rx in convicted felon and billionaire fraud Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" book (as far as I know), but its as scientifically effective as anything he can come up with.

"Dropsy" goes on my list of words that don't mean what I think they mean.

Awesome. You posted my link. Thanks. Soon, the traffic will flow and I will be one step closer to total world domination.

Ah, yes. Paxton. You and I are very much alike. I am but a shadowy reflection of you. It would take only a nudge to make you like me. To push you out of the light. [Laughs diabolically]
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