What I'm Pitching Hollywood Today

Today I'm pitching an educational show called "The Avoirdu-Pets"(tm)

It's a Hermit Crab, a hedgehog and a parakeet that travel the world to teach kids about weights and measures. Each televised half-hour contains three 7-minute vignettes about the metric system, distances in time and space, the monetary units of many lands, historical currency, Ancient coinage and numismatism, converting between units and the history of weighs and measures.

And along the way they learn an important lesson about racism or something.

"The Avoirdu-Pets"(tm) Nothing else quite measures up!

I'll tivo your imaginary kids show with my imaginary pvr.

As a side note, I read yesterday that the children of echidnas are called puggles. I nominate The Puggles for a future Band Name For Today.
I prefer my echidnas with sour cream and chipotle.

Bones, dare I ask why you know so much about obscure mammals? This isn't the first time, either.
Obscure animals, Star Trek, gaming...I would think it's painfully obvious that I am a card-carrying geek.

That's why.

Plus, I really liked Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom when I was a kid.

Jim had the best job ever.
>> Mutual of Omaha

Jim got to harass the animals.

Marlin stayed in the tent.

We used to have a game where you turned any remark about nature into a Mutual of Omaha commercial (like in the show).
Example: Someone mentions dolphins getting caught in nets, and you say "Just as the mother dolphin gets tangled in this tuna net, your insurance needs can get tangled too..."
It really works in any conversation.
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