Frequencies not expressed in hertz

"Countably Infinite" is a reference to that set theory problem about the hotel with the infinite number of rooms. What was the name of that thought experiment? I would like to invent my own hypertask experiment and call it:

See, most band name lists base their names on 70's TV shows, not on Discrete Math or particle physics. BTW "miscibility" refers to the ability of a property to reach chemical equilibrium (sort of). Good name for a female hip hop act.

Here's a poem. Or song lyrics. Whichever.

We Say We Do

There are frequencies not expressed in hertz
Like the pain we feel when we're in love
And though we rarely say we do
quite frequently we de-evolve.

Signals slide against the side
assailing, sailing, cross the wave
Neither aether makes it plain
which message marks the interleave.

Is my message getting through?
Or bounced back from the stratosphere
The frequency of falling stars
reminds me of my love for you.

And just because we say we do
which one is the one to blame?
We beat against the mix, I fear
the standing waves between us all.

Wynkoop 08-09-2007

Yoga Gangstas!

But, how do you keep the bling from swinging up (down) and smacking you in the grill while you're standing on your head?

What to do.
Heheh. I got the "Yoga Gangstas" because a friend of mine is involved with something called "Downtown Yoga", which I at first thought was a sex position, but turns out to be an actual civic-sponsored activity in the old town district. So there is a high probability it IS related to sex somehow...I mean, for what other reason do men attend adult enrichment classes?
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