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"Dreamsville Moosehorn" is from a Bullwinkle episode. Props to Jay Ward.

Intel makes multi core processors, so why not multi emo core processors?

And, yes, a teratoma is a horrible tumor that resembles your average Bratz doll (for example).

[EDIT: for gosh sakes don't Google pictures of the tumor. I really mean it. This is not a dare. You'll wish you hadn't. --Look up how to do tilt-shift faking instead. --If you ignore me, DON'T come back here and give me negative feedback. Sometimes a warning REALLY IS a warning. ]

I googled "teratoma". Now I know that there is no god. Thanks Mark.
Call me "the boy who told you so".
I too googled "teratoma". Reminds me of something that fell off my dick in the war.
RE Paxton, Dick, War:

I thought you were from Kentucky. ZING!

Sorry. And again, sorry for the Teratoma.

(*That's* a greeting card you will never see from Hallmark.)
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