Today: Band Names With Derivation Included Free!

First, I'd like to permanently reject two names:

They are no longer necessary in this post-Death Cab for Cutie world. BTW, when my mom heard the promos for "Deathcar on the Freeway", she declared "they've finally run out of names for things."

I was little enough that the hyperbole (if that's what it was) was lost on me. From that point forward I began a lifelong fascination with neologisms, new words, definitions, names, and cool titles for things. Not so much in an attempt to prove my mother wrong as in a reaffirmation that the human intellect was boundlessly creative and inventive.

This band name list could be considered part of my lifelong interest to discover if it is possible for "them" to run out of names--or any other creative commodity.

So...--yeah, an attempt to prove my mother wrong, I guess.

Now, on to today's band names--today, with derivation!

(1) A Chinese term for young, married professionals who live in separate homes.

(2) From an AP story that lists pigeon droppings as a contributing cause of the fatal Minnesota bridge collapse.

(3) "Not approved for minors".

(4) The story of my life.

arent you a semi-honey?
You are my ex-wife, aren't you? Don't make me go for the restraining order...
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