Best Name Ever [Non-Band]

Watched Jeopardy last night (so I watched a game show. Buy me a vowel). Guy on the show had the best name ever: J.T. Nuckolls.

Awesome! If my name were J.T. Nuckolls, I'd be a black private eye in the early 70's.

I'd bust into a warehouse/evil lair, shoot the place up, and save the girl.

As he collapses, one of the bad guys would say "who are you, man?" And I'd say "J.T. Nuckolls...Sucka!" Instant catch phrase!

If J.T. Nuckolls was a TV series I'd cold-start each show with an action teaser: After J.T. Nuckolls crashes a car into some boxes or jumps from a three-story building onto some boxes (70's TV cop production values were big on empty cardboard boxes), a bystander would say, "who was that black man?" And some streetwise dude would deadpan, "J.T. Nuckolls...Sucka." --Freeze frame, solarize, and fly in the cell-animated funky title logo.

--Cue the Isaac Hayes theme music!

Solid, baby!

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