Toilet Predator is the first (conscious) mixup on this site, combining previous band names "toilet wand" and "ambush predator".

Ambient Monsters was a demo from the Nuon platform. Good to see game hippie Jeff Minter hit it big with the Xbox 360. I was such a fan of Gridrunner that I followed him over to Nuon and still have the system. Tempest 3000 is stunningly trippy.

Headless Kevin is a stoner ghost from the Onion website.

Tempest! The 7-11 just far enough away from school had one. I couldn't even tell you what products it was near—Donettes, fresh-brewed coffee, Wonder Bread?—since we never bought anything there, just played that damn machine.
Yeah, well not buying anything kept you from spilling a Slurpee on the spinner. Reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins "1979".
<obligatory Slashdot reference>

Nothing beats "Attack of the Mutant Camels", you insensitive clod!

</obligatory Slashdot reference>

Actually, Hell's Gate was quite cool, too.

Laserheads destabilized.

(Now how's that for a bandname of today...)
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