Band Name Family Fun Pack

Your fake Band names for today:

"Mouth Crazy" is from a Kilgore Trout novel.

My Random Rule Number 27 is that anything sold in a "Family Fun Pack" will stink to high heaven. Marketers know this, and deliberately bundle things in Family Fun Packs precisely because they please no one, but are generally inoffensive. Unless you are offended by the insipid, as more and more of you seem to be.

Perhaps that should be rechristened "Family Generally Inoffensive Packs". Then I would have to change the name of this blog to "Generally Insipid Band Names For Today".

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Here's a "Family Fun Pack" of band names for you:

War Pigs
Pigeon Guided Missles
Military Insects

All of which were stolen from here
And some insipid, late-night band names:

Player Baiter
Crazy Mother
The Shade Pirates
You guys rock. I also like "Cat Bomb" from that military animals website. Reminds me of the Cat-Bun Wars from "Perfect Hair Forever".

Hey Bones, wasn't The Homoglobin the nemesis of Spiderman? Or maybe I'm thinking of the nemesis of that gay Marvel superhero.
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