Cheap Blank Cassette

You say you need a band name?
Try one of these:
Recent news reports have labeled one in ten US high schools as "dropout factories".

Forget that! The the late, un-lamented CASSETTE TAPE is the REAL dropout factory!

Fun Fact ™ :

Did you know that 80's TV icon Max Headroom ™ gets his name from the old days of analog tape recording?
"Headroom" is difference between normal operating volume (level) and the point where the tape records the maximum signal (e.g. the loudest sound).
Distortion occurs when the tape becomes saturated by too much volume.

Recording engineers were always looking for a way to get the maximum headroom, so "max headroom" became a kind of industry shibboleth.

Be sure and check back here tomorrow. I have something interesting planned...

Sorry to correct, but Max Headroom got his name from a sign at the entry to a covered parking lot... Don't make me dig out my old VHS tapes to prove.

It was in that very episode where they used TV commercials (IIRC) to make people explode... Not sure if that was a bug or a feature, but then ringtone commercials make me feel the same.
He's right, folks. I should have been more clear. I was talking about the source where the writers got the name, not the "Remo Williams" plot point where the character was named.

I guess magnetic media bandwidth doesn't make for compelling TV adventure drama.
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