"I am Optimus Prime"

I am a nerd.

I'm so much of a nerd that Star Trek regularly sends me email.

Yes it does.

But my place at the top of Anorak Mountain was seriously challenged by this note from my friend K*le last night (names altered to protect the hip and well-adjusted persons involved):
In celebration of the pending release of Transformers on DVD and HD-DVD, I present a picture of an Optimus Prime helmet that J*d and I made today (yes, I did this at work). It was made with an empty oatmeal box, foam, and lots of duct tape. We're thinking of constructing a full Optimus Prime costume for Halloween
And he sent this picture:

I made the photo small on purpose, but you can click on it to see a large version. Two things occurred to me at first:
Then I had a couple additional observations:
I've had several hours to mull it over, and I'm still not sure how I feel. It's really an ingenious use of materials, if you think about it. Maybe I'm just jealous. Jealous that I didn't think of it first. Jealous that it wasn't me instead of J*d.

He says he did this at work but that snapshot is clearly at his house. I think they have been working on this for several evenings and are just acting like it was easy.
He didn't take the picture at work, doofus.
I did a full size Optimus Prime costume this year. Unless you've got a tonne of time on your hands, you'd better get cracking... three weeks ago :) (I took pics of all the steps and did a write up, check'er out (and if you do one, be sure to post it!): http://optimuscostume.blogspot.com
Dear Anonymous Doufus,
You are indeed a doofus. Don't be jealous of K*le, J*d, and they're tremendous duct taping skills.
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