The Neutronic Plane

There is a real-life West Austin Antenna Farm.
Conspiracy-theory nut job Alex Jones claims, "as many as three antennas on that hill are used for mind control subsonic transmissions on the neutronic plane! They are trying to control your mind right now! That's why I wear a hidden device to deflect the rays."

Somehow, this does not damage his credibility among 9-11 conspiracy theorists.

My band name for tomorrow shall be "Neutronic Plane".

Or maybe "Hidden Device".

Hidden Bonus I:
Q: What is the opposite of the Neutronic Plane?
A: The Neutronic Peanut.

Bonus II:

Q: Which of the two (Neutronic Plane/Neutronic Peanut) is the favorite of Fantasy Island sidekick "Tatoo"?
A: "Ze plane! Ze plane!"

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