The Writer's Strike

What I'm Thankful for this Thanksgiving

This writer's strike has made me truly grateful for your professional, officially sanctioned writers. Imagine if writing were in the hands of amateurs.

Actually, we don't have to imagine. We have Wikipedia. I pulled this humdinger of a TV show capsule summary off a freshly edited page:
"When a young woman goes missing, the family assumes it is a kidnapping but there is no ransom note so Jim and Melinda talk about the case because a 'psychic' is about to talk to the family and Melinda knows that he really doesn't know anything but will be making stuff up to make the family happy just so he can take their money. Melinda visits the family and after talking the younger sister, realizes that it wasn't a kidnapping but an intervention, by the sister and the victim's ex-boyfriend, gone wrong."
Happy writer's strike, everybody.

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