Sexual Harassment Emergency Exit

Still sick. Don't tell my girlfriend, but the doctor said if I were older they would have hospitalized me for pneumonia. A guy at work's 50-something wife died over the weekened from the same thing, and she had been otherwise healthy, so I'm glad to get through this alive. I'm generally feeling better every day.
Now something silly:

I don't follow celebrity news, so I don't know the actress/model/celebrity in this red carpet photo.

Also, I'm not sure what kind of premiere or event she's attending, but if you look at the door behind her, it says something just goofy.

It's not bad advice per se, but it would almost certainly get me slapped if I needed to get out of there fast, and gave it a try.

I assume the door is supposed to say "push BAR to open". Maybe its some ESL typo, or possibly she's attending a Victoria's Secret event.

There's always the chance that it's photoshopped, but if you click on it and and look at the enlarged area closely, it looks authentic and untouched, so I don't know.

Also, you can kind of see panties.

At any rate, the whole thing doesn't make sense to me. Someone please enlighten me.

About the door.

Dude, the pneumonia sounds scary. Please don't die.

Regarding the door, I don't know, other than to say, that is a great typo.
>>pneumonia sounds scary. Please don't die.

Its my pulmonary and I'll die if I want to. Ah, see? I'm feeling beter finally.
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