"Trees of Mystery"

I've rarely posted since Thanksgiving due to (--wait for it...) Pneumonia. Not bronchitis. Not "walking pneumonia". Full-blown, old-man, cough-and-hack pneumonia.
Thanks for sticking with me, folks.
Today's post needs a little setup:
Trees of Mystery is a roadside attraction in Redwood National Park. Here is their wikipedia page and here is a link to their website.

Visitors will recall that Trees Of Mystery has giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.

Well, park visitors were shocked recently to discover a HEADLESS blue ox. Apparently, years of water damage had taken it's toll on the heavy neck structure until --TIM-BER!!! --Giant headless ox.

You can read a transcription of the news story on Bones' Bumblebee Nation blog at this hyperlink.

My favorite quote from the story?
" 'Apparently we had a leak and it rotted one of the (neck) beams,' LaForest said. 'When it gave way, it gave way to the rest of them. It's not something we expect to see often or at all,' he said of the (decapitation of the) nearly 1,000 pound, 9-foot-wide ox head."
Park officials placed an incongruous wreath where the head used to be.

In my view, this is like spraying glitter on a herpes outbreak. I told Bones I would photoshop a rainbow out of the neck-hole to make the amputation even more cheerful.

So here it is. As you can see, I had to do some digital scene extension to make the composition work out correctly.

Cheers everyone. I will be back with more band names shortly.

That is beautiful, and would make a fine, FINE postcard.
Bones, you get ahold of them and sell them on the idea. I have a high DPI version they could send to the prepress printer and have a salable gift shop item. You could collect a representation fee.
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