Ain't It Dead Yet?

I ain't dead yet. But with my last breath I spit band names at thee!

I will formulate a proper new year message when I am feeling better.
P.S. Yes, I realize that "Tattoo Assassins" was a legendary videogame notorious as a big budget vaporware fiasco. Also realize that "Ain't It Dead Yet?" was a Skinny Puppy album.

Have you been watching "Fantasy Island" reruns in your convalescence?

And, if Catherine Wheel is not a band name, it should be.
RE "Fantasy Island"

Nope. Love Boat.

"Homework Island" came from something I erected (ahem) when I was taking a full college schedule while working full time at my regular job: An unfolded futon with overbed tilt-top desk and laptop stand in my living room.

I invented the term "Homework Island" to explain the bizarre living arrangement to guests/potential girlfriends. I worked that whole semester from that futon.

Good memories, good memories...
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