"Grace Mordant Turns Trills"

[1] An unfortunately extant snack food.

[2] The genetic harmony diet (as New Age get-rich-quick wack-jobs will be all too happy to tell you) is "the only diet that does not fall prey to that all-too-common tendency to ignore the vibratory imprints of food onto each being's energy body".

[3] "Grace Mordant Turns Trills" is the third in my series of fake paperback books published between 1950 and 1977. It sounds like a hardboiled crime novel, but the musically educated among you will realize that each word in the title is a term for musical embellishment.

[4] Where we are hovering right now.

[5] What is it with the creepy old people in Cialis ™ commercials who cart heavy footed tubs to the top of tall mountains to enjoy the vista in (presumably) post coital bliss? My money says they didn't have the energy to do that even back when the equipment was in good working order, if you know what I mean.

[6] Hairwad singer Amy Winehouse was arrested and jailed in London on the charge of "Perverting the Course of Justice". Yet somehow whoever programs MTV has been free for years even though the network has been non-music garbage since 1991.

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