[1] from the bogus meme that these are the only words in English that cannot be rhymed. AMUSING BONUS: I had a girlfriend that pronounced the word "meme" with two syllables, like "me-me".

[2] There is a real midnight sun, no mater where you are on earth,
und it ist der Gegenschein (which is German for "Counter Shine"). It is the full phase reflection from the lens of cosmic dust that surrounds the sun and extends beyond the Earth. The Gegenschein is directly related to the zodiacal light, or so-called false dawn.

One might reasonably ask what this has to do with rock bands; The answer is that Queen Guitarist Brian May was awarded his Astrophysics Ph.D. in 2007 based on his thesis, "A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud". See, even some successful rockers have academic chops.

Lesser Bag of Holding: I see that requires no annotation.

Queen was an awesome band with an awesome name, and their guitarist getting his doctorate in astrophysics makes 'em that much better. Plus, watching my 25-year-old step-son watch their old variety show performances on You Tube is a hoot.
I fly the geek flag proudly. But I also freely admit that the term "bag of holding" is an embarrassing attempt to give ye olde worlde spin to the word "container" (n-space container?). Sometimes you need to use the brain of thinking a little more before the keyboard of typing.
Don't you want to replace that "it" by an "es" to form a proper German sentence?

Otherwise Falco's heirs might come after you, sueing for violation of his trademark German/English mixture...
Danke. I try to improve my German, but I get it wrong most of the time. Or as they say in the Rhine Valley, "C'est la Vie".
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