"ROAR" Cast reunion indefinitely postponed.

I hear Shaun Cassidy was really hoping to get ROAR back into production. Too bad. Maybe he can re-visit "American Gothic" (grown-up former child star Lucas Black looks pretty stable and is unlikely to do a Renfro).

Today's Band Names:

*About ten years ago, the British Veterinary Association's publication The Veterinary Record had an enlightening article about the surgical treatment of a septic dentigerous cyst in a goat. Apparently, a slowly growing lesion of the rostral mandible of the goat was diagnosed to be a septic dentigerous cyst. The lesion was treated surgically to remove a displaced tooth and debride the cystic cavity, and systemic antibiotic therapy was applied. Thirty-four weeks later the goat was clinically and radiographically improved and the problem had not recurred.

You see, the problem with Blogs is that you can write anything you want.

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