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Flipping through channels I came upon a show on the Spanish language channels. Two girls approch a spooky old house, wander wordlessly through the darkened rooms (all in one shot with no cuts) until they enter a room with an old lady in it. The old lady says "Las establa esperando!", the music swells significantly and the show cuts to commercial. Now that's writing!

Someday I hope to fill 12 minutes of scripted network air by stealing that scene verbatim. Or maybe my perception was colored by drinking too much of Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt. I'll just stick with the vulgarly named rap-star energy drinks to which my body is accustomed, thank you very much.

That's so weird! Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt is also a ninth-level spell in the new AD&D. I think he's a sponsor 'cause there's also Steven Seagal's Buddha's Palm (15th) and Steven Seagal's Mystical Fight Flight (4th). And you can now roll up a guru instead of a monk in character gen.

In other news...

I'm still waiting for a Telemundo program about Piso Mojado and the After-hours Boys.

It'll be a long wait.
..and the cartoon version "Piso Mojado en Espacio Exterior".

Is it true that Steven Seagal's Buddha's Palm causes +8 Jean-Claude Van Damage points?
Only if you're a walnut.
"Friends" reference. Had to Google that one.
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