Yes, "Wombflash Forest" is from A Voyage to Arcturus. I wonder what David Lindsay was thinking when he wrote that one. And that's one of the few things I have in common with Harold Bloom.

The best "show" I ever saw at a Mexican stoplight was this kid who laid out then laid down on a tshirt covered with broken glass. Ta da!

The worst was the guy who worked the corner by our house who we often paid to clean our grubby car windshield. He told us that frequently he'd clean somebody's windshield and the driver would stiff him. I know, I know, he was cleaning those windshields on spec, but jeez, what's five pesos.
I'm going to convert your post to song lyrics (I apologize in advance):

The best show I ever saw/
Was a kid that I drove passed/
who laid out & then laid down/
on a shirt of broken glass

Da da, Da Da. Do Do Do Doo

It was a Mexican stoplight/
green white and red/
Gonna book me a red-eye flight/
on the Day of the Dead

It was a Mexican stoplight/
That's how it goes/
When the light turns "verde"/
on Día de los Muertos.
Did you stay up late on Crunk Juice? Seriously, love the lyrics! We have a thing for fake-song lyrics here at the New Vitality Homeland, including one we'd sing while driving in Mexico.
Oh, and I forgot:

Pancho Fuhrer
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