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Hands down (if you'll excuse the term), the band name of the month is:
Unfortunately (if that's the word), Levator Ani was the real band name of a musician and composer that I respect and admire (and whose identity I protect, so that he may keep that respectability!). It was just a pick-up band, but they played at least one gig, so that counts as real.

He writes:
"A friend of mine pointed out that I should tell you about our band name....It was a very eclectic group of songs ranging from Earth Wind & Fire, to Zepplin, to Van Halen to Rick Deringer and Bad Finger. We called ourselves Levatar Ani. One of our band members was a medical student at the time and pointed out to us this funny muscle in the anatomy books...

We spelled it "Lavator Anai" to look more gothic and did it all in gothic letters...Yes, we were very much taking a page from the Spinal Tap book. I think we did a Spinal Tap song too. At any rate....there's a band name for you."
Okay, buddy. You win the prestigious Band Name Of The Month competition. Add that to your wall of accolades. Anatomy-based band names are much funnier than the particle physics-based band names I usually try to pawn off on the reading public.

Speaking of "The Anatome", check out Voice Industrie's 2-CD retrospective "Voice Historie". It has many of the tracks from their long out-of-print breakthrough album "Anatome". For those of you new to the band, "energetic" and "trip hop" are two words you usually don't see together, but this Canadian duo create a unique brand of high octane chill-out music. Highly recommended. Also available as a digital download.

And to end on a low note, if you'd like a general purpose Levator Ani joke, then try this:
Q: How is [fill-in-the-blank with latest politician caught in sex scandal] like Levator Ani?
A: They both
support viscera in the pelvic cavity.

Sorry folks. Goodnight.

What a great name for a band. I heard the band's working title for a while was Mons Pubis. Both great names. I bet they were quite a band.
Oh, Mons Pubis. Isn't that the giant volcanic plateau on Mars? Yeah, that's it.
It wasnt Mons Pubis...it was The Pudendals.

(The pudendal nerve is a nerve in the pelvic region that innervates the external genitalia of both sexes, as well as sphincters for the bladder and the rectum.)

the medical student(oh yeah, I'm a dentist, not an MD sorry)
Some might consider that post to be another reason to be afraid of the dentist...

Speaking of, I think I'll try out that Star Trek Dentist in Orlando from the "Trekkies" movie.
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