I'm Whoopi Goldberg for Flooz

I'm Mark Wynkoop, and I have tens of thousands of dollars worth of un-cashed Flooz that I'd be willing to trade for tulip bulbs, green stamps or unused carbon emission vouchers.

Here are your unsolicited band names:
  • The Popcorn Sluts
  • Great Attractor
  • Wang Freestyle*
  • Soylent Vegan
  • The Lyman Alpha Blobs
*The Wang Freestyle was a 1990 product from Wang Computers. It was an expensive turnkey system which cost 1.2 million dollars for 30 computers and a file server.

Even though most of the Freestyle terminals had rare (in those days) tablet and headset capabilities, you could still buy hundreds of $5,000 PCs for that price in 1990. Thanks to numerous market and management factors (not just the Freestyle), Wang was out of business within a couple of years.

I always thought it would be funny if the Wang corporate headquarters had a ballroom. I'd pay real cash (well, FLOOZ, at least) for a photograph of the sign reading "Wang Ballroom".

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