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Tom Servo: I want to hurt this movie, but I can never hurt it as much as it hurt me.
Crow: Yeah. The movie really heightens the lack of interest in the film.
Tom Servo: What do you think the message of this movie was?
Crow: "Don't watch it."
Fair Warning, folks. My associates and I have a motion picture entered in the D.C. Area 48 Hour Film Festival this year.

Be frightened.

Have some band names:
Escamole is a horrible horrible thing. Do not Google it. I implore you.

Also do not listen to the so-called "songs" of Hannah Montana. FREE TIP: Miley, the Disney corporation is flushed with cash. Hire a frickin' lyricist who is aware that some words can have as many as three syllables.

The kid has talent, but those songs--those songs are just really, REALLY BAD.

Of course, I had to immediately Google Escamoles, but you knew this would happen.

I wish I could quit you ...
The brief wikipedia entry for escamoles is tops.

Have you ever had huitlacoche?
>>Have you ever had huitlacoche?

Turns out, no. But I really didn't trust that one girlfriend.
I just looked up huitlacoche on Wikipedia and found the "Corn smut" entry. I nominate "Corn Smut" as your newest band name, Mark.
Okay, I'm lying. I did have huitlacoche for a brief period in the 90's but some penicillin cleared it right up.
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