Faster Than A Speeding Mullet...
--Your Band Names For Today:
4 years and I haven't named a band "Diacritical" yet? I should turn in my umlaut-encrusted badge!

While we're on a diacritical rant about bands with diaereses (sounds like a liver condition), I would be remiss if I didn't point you toward this article about the heavy metal umlaut, and this even more interesting screencast about the history of the article about the heavy metal umlaut. Whew! [I should caution that the screencast includes info on wiki vandalism with examples that some will find offensive]

Another Do-Not-Google Warning:
Do Not Google the term "Cradle Cap". It is probably not what you think it is. Especially do not view pictures of it. Especially while you are eating.
You have been warned.

Blank Baby Book is dedicated to me. As the third and final child, one of my most precious treasures is my barely-begun and quickly-abandoned baby book with my name in it (and little else). It would be fun to post it as a website. People could fill it in with made-up details.

Another favorite pseudo-possession: My baby pictures and graduation pictures, which are on the same roll of film. They both occupy the first few exposures of a still-undeveloped roll of 110 film in my mom's junk drawer.

Also, ask me about the time they forgot me in a car during a family picnic when I was a new baby. The excuse I get is that they "just weren't used to having another child in the family after so many years".


I barely new 'er, (as they say).

The diacritical mark of the beast...for your consideration:

I like fantasy tribute bands like Bloodhag. A former competitor once put up a vlog saying "My Star Trek band is better than your Star Trek band". I assumed he was teasing my blog (and it gave him a chance to showcase some "Warp 7" clips). I ended up winning the National Association of Broadcaster's award, but he sold his company to Adobe. So who was the real winner?
Anyhow, everyone knows that "No Kill I" is the best Star Trek band.
RE Bloodhag: My Lord of the Rings band is better than your Lord of the Rings band.
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