Jizya. You heard me. Jizya (links to wikipedia article). Jizya goes on the list of words that don't mean what I think they mean.

If I ever decide to shut down this blog, the last post will be titled "Disbandment", for obvious reasons.

Longtime readers will know I'm obsessed with selling a screenplay for a Lifetime Movie for Women. This month I'm pitching a new UNTITLED LIFETIME MOVIE FOR WOMEN PROJECT:

Slug Line:
A baby-kidnapper's ultimatum forces a woman to choose between curing her terminal disease and saving her teenage daughter from an abusive serial killer boyfriend, in the process discovering the man she loves is harboring a dark secret! Judith Light, Tori Spelling and Dean Cain star.
Remind me and I'll post a scan of the cat's laptop (with permission of the author).

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