Inappropriate Names for Rainforest-Themed Cafés

Carless names for eateries jumping on the environmental bandwagon.

And when I say "carless", I mean careless. Just a sloppy Frodoian slip. And when I say "Frodoian" slip...aw, never mind.

C'mon. Give it up for Chez Guevara! That's freaking hilarious. To me.

"Pander Express" is my term for companies that try to cash in on my liberal guilt. That carcass has already been stripped, enviro-bistros

I'll give you a hundred points for those names, especially Chez Guevarra! Nicely done!

--Andy from Texas

creton4 [at] yahoo.com
Thanks Andy--And if you're the Andy from Texas that I think you are, you've got more email than you know what to do with this week as your remastered TV show premiered over the weekend. Hope lots of new people become aware of your work. Your little "hobby project" has given many people much enjoyment.
This post is so chock-full of goodness that a even a stunner like Chez Guevara has to work overtime. Skeeters!
I can guarantee that the trend of retail establishments paying lip-service to the environment is going to skyrocket. It will become like that Disney ride where you pretend to chase away poachers--the pandering grows so cloying and saccharine that you're almost rooting for the poachers.
Pandering! I should have named one of the restaurants "The Bamboo Pandering!!"
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