I am accepting your nominations for band name of the month from today's list. Make me proud, people.

Milk of Amnesia must be what Hannibal gives B. A. Baracus to knock him out for a plane ride, since B.A. manages to forget this trick in every single A-Team episode I've ever seen.
I for one would like to see an A-Team where enemies die left and right. Or a similar G.I. Joe cartoon. The body count for both of those ENTIRE series was a realistic ZERO.

BTW, Way to get Marge pregnant, there Homer. I should send you my "Abstinence Rocks" Christian rock song.
For the month?! I'm going with The Cootie Catchers.

Although Milk of Amnesia is a strong runner-up.
Somebody already had a song by the title of "Milk of Amnesia"...
(Incoming Joke...)
--But I forget who it was! (drum rim shot)
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