Pillowtop blowout was a promotion a mattress warehouse was running when I was in Washington D.C. recently.

The Puffs...before they built the University of California, Merced, environmentalists were concerned over the destruction of some vernal pools, home to the endangered fairy shrimp. I always thought that the UCM mascot should be the fightin' Fairy Shrimp rather than the Golden Bobcat. Golden Bobcat?! It's not even a real animal.

I nominate The Puffs as Bandname of the Month.
I think the children of Israel worshiped a golden bobcat in the wilderness, unless Sunday School has led me horribly wrong.

RE "fightin' Fairy Shrimp", its like "A Boy Named Sue". If your name is fairy shrimp, you'll have to learn to fight to avoid getting picked on by the other schools.

Also, I like that school that was "the Fighting Hookers". I don't know if its a true story, but I choose to believe it anyway.
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