Eye of the Storm

David and the kind folks at Monstrous Movie Music [ web site ] will be glad to know that we weathered Tropical Storm Fay alright. It dumped 30 inches of rain so far. Contrast this with the 4 inches of annual rainfall that I used to get in Colorado!

The storm flooded my place of work. I have not been back to my studio, but I'm kinda worried about an auxiliary Ensoniq SQ80 that I had propped against a wall. Besides this (and my comic books), everything else is replaceable.

Contrary to early estimates, the storm didn't strengthen to hurricane force (as of yet). It just sorta parked over my house and dumped rain.

It was nice not to have to work during this storm. I was involved with the NGA effort on Katrina and was working 100+ hour weeks with two other storm systems barreling down on us. In fact, NGA-Earth still exists. The government wanted to call it "GEO-int"--whatever that means. I knew that people would call that site "Joint" for shorthand and wanted to avoid that. I recommended that the NGA office register "NGA-Earth", and the name stuck.

Within weeks we were providing geospatial support not only to other storms in the US, but earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons overseas. I salute the NGA office for this effort and I'm proud of my involvement with it. The current site still has some of my design elements and graphics.

Its a completely differnt experinece to just get to a safe dry space and wait out the storm instead of being in the thick of it with the responsibility of being a first responder on your shoulders. This post is dedicated to first reponders everywhere.

Hey Mark, glad to see you've weathered another major storm, I heard on the radio that the alligators are patrolling the streets of Melbourne! Hope they aren't after that SQ-80 you have stashed in the studio~Tony
Good to hear from you Tony. I did a quick inspection and except for some acoustic treatment damage, all is well. I'm just glad this didn't hit during gator mating season!
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