The New Weird

1. Normal is the New Weird.
2. "Scutum Crux" probably doesn't mean what you think it means.
3. I like the idea of a "startle warning" before alarming material in children's films. I, for one, would choose a loud air horn, positioned slightly behind the tots left ear. It would suddenly blare out well in advance of any offending imagery, thereby ensuring that this generation of overprotected little treasures never has to worry about being frightened at the movies again.

More Wankeling
I may have already used Wankel Engine as a band name, but I have to bring it up again. I have a lifetime fascination with nonstandard engines. in this case, my tribute is not to the engines themselves, but the Internet. I will never machine my own engine, but now, thanks to The Tubes, I can learn how the wankel relates to the early pistoned rotaries, and how the boxer engine extends the v4. Somehow motorheads and car race fanatics avoid the "geek" label, but they are anoraks of the first order.

Also I like saying the word wankel.

I needed my own version of the Startle Warning for that post: it's early, I'm trying to be quiet, read your proposed Startle Warning and spilt hot tea all over myself stifling the chuckles.

I then nominate Stifle the Chuckles as a Band Name For Some Other Day.
I'd like to have a test theater set up for the next banal "animals perform revisionist fairy tale" CGI opus.

Poor "Stifle the Chuckles". Killed by that circus elephant...

Has that reference become obscure?
Perhaps, but I think that their first album cover should feature Ted Baxter.
I'm working on an even more obscure "Too Close For Comfort" Ted Knight joke...
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