Smells Like Me Spirirt

Sham Tickoo is a real-life academician and computer textbook author. Great name, man. Would be a good moniker for a brand of hiphop haircare products.

"Drugstore Cologne" Is from NY based performer and database wonk Trish Fleming who starred in a couple short films I was involved in. Thanks for putting up with me, you crazy kid. I still have your detangler spray.

Trish probably came up with "Drugstore Cologne" based on the Stuff Magazine news item "In blind test, Ladies pick drugstore body spray over expensive cologne". The news item is suspicious, as Stuff Magazine is heavily subsidized by the winning "cologne", Bod Man spray. Hmmm.

Maybe I'll start a new feature. An info box that, instead of saying "what I'm listening to now", will say what I smell like now. Let me prototype an applet here:

Trust me. You will not want to check back here tonight at 11:30 PM when this applet updates....

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