Dave Barry

You guys know Dave Barry? That fat-cat Miami Herald humor column guy?

You know how he will write about something, occasionally placing two unusual words together side-by-side next to each other (sequentially)? Then he will comment that "it would make a great band name".

You know how lame that is?

Well, I'm Mark Wynkoop, and I have a whole blog like that.

For like six years.

Needless to say, my parents are very proud of me.

Of course they have no idea that I do this blog. See that thing up in the header about kicking your mom in the head? My mom would totally freak out if she ever saw that!

Anyway, here are your band names for today:
Well, all this business about Dave Barry got me thinking. And what I'm thinking is that Dave Barry would be a great band name. In fact, I'm making it my band name of the month.

My band name of the month is:
Imagine getting up on stage in a crowded stadium and shouting "Hello Cleavland! We are Dave Barry! Are you ready to rock?" and listening to the crowd holler and roar!

Now imagine doing it in a stadium where the crowd actually knows who you are, and intentionally came to see you on stage with your band Dave Barry.

Either way, it would be pretty awesome.

But it's a lot easier shouting "Dave Barry!" without security guards chasing you off the field.

Believe me.

And speaking of fields, this new found obsession with Dave Barry didn't just come out of left field. I have a few things in common with media mogul Dave Barry. And after all, he's based in Miami and I live near Orlando. On weekends his stray gunfire actually zips by overhead.

You can read his oeuvre using a charming old-tyme hyphen-friendly blogging-scheme called "print-media". I think he is published in something called a "news-paper".

Old people have told me this.

And it's not like I'm a pathetic suck-up just trying to get him to mention me in his column. Even though he probably has dozens more reader than I do.

It's just that I think Dave Barry would be a really great band name...

--Also, Google Ad-Words pays me a bright shiny nickel every time I blog the words Dave Barry. To me, typing Dave Barry is like playing an alphabet slot machine that pays off every time, Brother!

By the way, did I mention my new band name of the month?
My band name of the month is:

Dear Google Ad Words:

That'll be 70 cents, please.

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