The Shape of Our Fears

I'm Mark Wynkoop. Does this motion picture make me look fat?

Remember folks: Many of these tragedies could have been avoided. Actors(TM)! Use only union regulated actors(TM) for all your acting needs.

Actors. They're what's for dinner.

Also when the cop stands up and says "Something going on...." You're supposed to hear police sirens. Sound mix, actors, editing, toning down the script... Who needs it?

Band names -- Who needs 'em? You do.

Here they are:
*Billy Preston/Jimmy Smith tribute band. It's a pun, folks. Everyone in the band would play the organ. Imagine that roll call!

"Pizza Hunt" could be a midnight madness style scavenger game.

I like "Agnes in Chaos". It could be like an Alice in Chains tribute band.

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