Spiral of Dreams and Blood

Deception Island is a real place in the Antarctic. There's your reality series!

"Nightmare and Dawn" is a cue from Bernard Herrmann's brilliant, icy score to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. You could argue that among the man's other accomplishments, he was a pre-minimalist, with his spiraling hypnotic ostinatos of repeated patterns.

"Phlebotomist of My Dreams" is the tip-of-the-hat to a somewhat creepy/suspicious local program that offers a free massage if you donate blood. Actually, in the flier, they spell it "masage", so it sounds pretty dodgy all the way around.

Thanks to my pal Sal for alerting me to this and making up the name.

"Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" is named after the movie, of course. But it would be a great name for one of those lightweight combos that play at expensive "date" restaurants. The name lets the crowd know that the band is self-aware enough to "get" the date restaurant concept.

Double points are scored if the restaurant is actually named "Date Restaurant". That would just be so meta.

Triple points if the date restaurant actually serves dates.

Now, off to my free massage!

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