Hantavirus! Hantavirus! Hantavirus!
Dead Alvin:
Sad story. I used to visit this park in Ouray Colorado that had a billion chipmunks. When the Hantavirus broke out on a New Mexico Indian reservation, Ouray euthanized the chipmunks "just to be safe". To this day I am unaware of a single case of Hantavirus transmitted via a chipmunk vector.

But I like the name Chipmunk Vector.
Nothing works like a pre-emptive strike.

I hear Iran has a lot of chipmunks. I'm surprised they show up on the satellite images. Maybe they're abnormally large over there.

But I like Chipmunk Vector too, especially for an electronica band.
Those aren't chipmunks, they're minarets.

I can understand the confusion: From the air, the Taj Mahal looks a lot like Raymond Burr.
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