I come from crazy people

I'm fighting with copy editors at work. Let's not talk about it. Suffice it to say that you'd be surprised about what comma overuse, says about, you, as, a, copy, edit,or.

Anyway I get home to find this picture in an email from my mom, with no explanatory text:

Those ugly guys are my handsomer older brother and my dad, who is turning 80 in December.


And they went skydiving yesterday.

This is the kind of nonsense that local news used to do human interest bits about every week when I was growing up. In fact, MST3K movie "Time Chasers" has a "sky diving senior citizen" as a major plot point.

But this is my dad.

And it just goes to prove that...well, I don't know what it proves. When I'm 80 I just hope I can drink from a normal cup. And this guy is skydiving for the first time.

I wish you could all meet my dad. His tenacity and sagacity have shepherded me through many rough patches. He is Captain Kirk and Mark Twain. He is Will Rogers and Indiana Jones.

You may never meet him, but we are all undeservedly lucky that the 20th century was built by men such as him instead of people like us.

Because there are two kinds of crazy. And my dad's kind of crazy is better than my generation's crazy. --If based on nothing else than the strength of their accomplishments.

Now contrast Men Such As These with a guy on a blog whining about comma placement.

High-five to your pops. Crazy old geezers are the best!

Regarding the copy editors...all I can say is, you have my sympathy.
Double hi-5 to dad: He was scheduled to die in 2004: they gave him 8 months to live. he's still going strong.

I hope I can live half the life he has.

(Insert boilerplate explanation about how dad brought me into being relatively late in his life: --I'm a little "miracle").
I forgot to ask about that crazy pink hat.
Ok, another crazy dad thing:

The hat is required for the skydive due to sub freezing temperatures.

He refused to wear it.
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