Pepsi Thrush

What I'm pimpin' today:

A hypothetical soft drink I call Pepsi Thrush.

It is the latest in my long line of unsolicited soft drinks.

Also available in Diet.

I hope the good folks at Pepsi will listen to me this time, because I'm really trying to get this one off the ground.

Pepsi Thrush
Diet Pepsi Thrush
-- Taste the Sensation!

Google Image Warning:

Do not perform a Google Image Search upon the word "thrush".

Come on, people! I can't be responsible for the repercussions of every name I choose!

I mean, like, there are probably hundreds of words in the English language! Who could keep track of every meaning of every word? Some kind of science professor or something?

Hey, we're young! let's just pick words that sound cool--I mean kewell! Don't waste time in research...

After all, you deserve the Red Shirt Treatment!

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