Community Scissors

And a special "Community" section. Band names with the word "community" in them.
I can't explain more about the Scissors right now. Someday I hope to reveal the shocking true story, surrounded by a spooky background like the "Criswell Predicts" introduction from "Plan 9 from Outer Space".

Community Speculum sounds more than a little unsanitary. I blame the Washington Liberals and their doggone universal health care aspirations for this travesty.
No, because in this country, the Washington Liberals sanitize the Community Speculum.

In Soviet Russia, the Community Speculum sanitizes you.
My new hockey team?

The Washington Liberals.

They can play that other sports franchise of yours. The New England Journalists.
Then I would like to start an expansion team, the West Coast Flakes.
Hey Mark, I just finished watching the 'Ed Wood' movie this evening and you mention the Criswell Comment in you're blog-stangely bizarre!!!
Tony, we are just like Criswell here: Psychic! I KNEW you would be watching that, and planted it just for you.

And remember my friend, future events--such as these--will affect you, in the future.
Also, I hand-colored that still from Plan 9 that you see. Give me some props for that!
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