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Today's Band Name is:
I'd like to officially offer my services for hire as a Fake Corporate Blogger now that I've rated with the blog analysis service BlogScope!

BlogScope recently ranked my blog. They provided me with a list of the most popular keywords. Keywords which folks like you commonly search this humble web log.

These lists of words are called "clouds" for reasons that are hazy and ill-defined--just like a cloud. --Hey!

My very own "cloud" includes some puzzlers. Allow me to compare *my* keyword cloud against the most popular cloud:

Most popular Blog keyword cloud:
My Band Names keyword cloud:
Nice to see that folks are getting the search results they want on my blog for popular terms such as "you", "they", "get" and "could".

At least the late great Don Lafontain gets some mileage.

But what the heck's a "marroquin"? Have I ever even blogged that word a single time? Is it some kind of South American lagomorph or something?

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with an extra-inning band name. Your Blogscope-approved additional band name for today is:

Congratulations, uh, on your cloud. I think?

Anyway, clouds and blogscope were news to me, so I went to their website. Did you catch this cherry of a line?

Reading through large amounts of text is often tedious.

Damn straight! That's why I read USA Today.
Ah, USA Today. The newspaper for people who are too lazy to watch television.

Example: on election day, my hotel left a copy by my door. Headline? "Its Up To The Voters Now."

Now THAT'S hard hitting reportage!
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