Lost Planet Army Men

I like the fact that "Hapax Legomenon" has nothing to do with Lego men. This Blog is full of Hapax Legomenon.

By the way. Maybe "Hapax Armymenon" would be a better band name.

My current art installation project is a Planet of Army Men, against a nebula backdrop, and lit internally. A mockup appears on this page.

It qualifies as contemporary art because it is transgressive, yet it is an equal opportunity offender. The truth is, I just thought a giant globe of plastic army men would be visually arresting (read "look cool".).

Its this kind of candor that keeps me at arm's length from the "serious" art establishment. If I make a statement that reassures them that their hand-me-down sensibilities are edge-popular, then its art. If I just create awesome imagery, then its mere illustration.


(Yes, that's supposed to be Africa, Europe and Asia there. The Azores are huge and there is no UK or Greenland to be seen. Give me a break. Its a work in progress.)

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