"Generational remove" is a technique I use sometimes to cover up a bad composite. Search this blog for "Schwarzenegger Rescues Schwimmer" and you'll see an example. By showing the process shot in the context of another process, (like inside video monitor) you can cover up a multitude of sins. the new Battlestar Galactica show uses this all the time, by virtue of the overused "documentary" faux-uncertain shakyness of the CGI camera.

This one's from today's paper:

"Leon's Hedge," Best Beat Touch feat. Teaquirious Keys

Okay, not all of that is from today's paper, but it mostly is, and it is all 100-percent Humboldt.
Ah, Humboldt county. Eureka i know thee well. Not as well as the silicon valley area where I worked, but everyone has an aunt in Eureka.

I choose "Best Beat Touch". They will be my Bronski Beat tribute band.
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