What if your favorite bands were cereals?

The observation in my previous post about the band Kix and the cereal Kix got me thinking...

KixKix ... KixKix

Some bands love to get out there and just really shred guitar.

But some cereals out there are really just shredded wheat.

With apologies to Barbara Walters, if your favorite musicians were cereals, what cereals would they be? And by "favorite", I mean "Ones I made up jokes for".

I think it would go something...like...this:
Corn FlakesCorn Flakes ... KornKorn
Lucky CharmsLucky Charms ... Culture ClubCulture Club
Wheaties Wheaties ... WheatusWheatus
Honey Bunches of OatsHoney Bunches of Oats ... Hall & OatesHall & Oates
Kashi Kashi ... PhishPhish
Golden GrahamsGolden Grahams ... The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones
Grape NutsGrape Nuts ... Moby Grape

(You saw that one coming, didn't you?)
Moby Grape
Sugar SmacksSugar Smacks ... Whitney Houston

(Was that too cruel? If you prefer puns
instead, how about this next one:)
Whitney Houston
Sugar SmacksSugar Smacks ... Godsmack

(And in Korn-clusion,)
FrankenBerry FrankenBerry ... Barry WhiteBarry White
Cookie CrispCookie Crisp ... OzzyOzzy Ozbourne
Trix Trix ... George MichaelsGeorge Michaels

That's what passes for comedy around here. Goodnight, folks.

Oh my, yes. The Trix/George Michael set is off the charts (ahem) due to that photo of GM...

But I'd have to say my favorite would be Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Strawberry Alarm Clock

Because strawberries mean love.
I am waiting for permission from my girlfriend (who idolizes GM) to post the little exchange we had about this blog entry.

Bonus exercise:
Readers now have every clue they need to guess the approximate age of my girlfriend.
Good luck with that.
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